Pivot Table COUNT Default Problem CURED!

14 11 2013

I had a delegate this week whose Pivot Tables would take any of his numerical data and by default count them rather than sum them. When he asked me why that happened I went through the normal explanation of data v numbers … which is true. However, in his case there seemed to be no reason behind this phenomenon: his data was clean as he was using my files and no one else had the same problem. He was using a good quality company laptop too.

We both checked on the internet last night and gained nothing from the many discussions on this problem: most of which related to data v numbers I have to say.

This morning I suggested that we look at his Windows Regional etc settings. His default language etc was US English and that seemed to be in order; but I said, let’s try this, change it to UK English and see what happens.

Ta daa! For some reason, this change did the trick and now this delegate’s Pivot Tables sum his data rather than counting it.

Another success story fromExcelMaster!

Duncan Williamson

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