I’m Doing it

27 10 2014

I know you’re asking, where are you?

I am here and working and in the next couple of days there will be a post on monthly as opposed to annual financial ratio analysis, on THREE ways to solve simultaneous equations using Excel methods including array formulas and SOLVER and more.

So, where have I been? I’ve been to a graveyard. My Macbook Pro graveyard.  It died on me at a really inconvenient time, taking a backup drive with it, causing me massive inconvenience and waste of time.

Something seems to have overheated and burned out and having bought a replacement Windows laptop, the Macbook will have no more money spent on it. Dead. Bereft of life. It is no more.

My macbook journey was enlightening but I will not be repeating the experience: they are premium products with a premium price and I have reverted to my cheaper strategy of buying something decent and serviceable that doesn’t need a mortgage to buy it.

So, watch out for the updates.

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