Charting Excellence is Here

Naming no names and taking no major credit, I want to point out that I have just reviewed a specimen chapter from a book on Charts and Graphs in Excel 2013.

Now, I have only taken a look at Excel 2013 via demonstrations on the web so I can’t claim to be using it but this is what I can say. What I read in the book has already been included here in the Blog, on my ExcelMaster web site and in my book on Excel 2007/2010/Excel for mac2011.

Of course, I have not done anything in 2013 but that’s not the point. What you see in the book can STILL be done in 2007 and 2013 so fear not. You are still safe with me.

Finally, I am not saying the book was bad or inappropriate … again, it’s all here. I will be getting Excel 2013 very soon but here a thing I learned yesterday courtesy of my son Daniel:

MS Nonsense Contracts

If you buy Excel 2013 you can only install it on one PC and you can never, say, buy another PC, uninstall it from your original PC and reinstall it on the new PC. Never. Given the age and decrepitude of my current Windows laptops, I do not want to get involved in buying two copies of Office 2013 when I only want one.

There is a workaround to this: subscribe to office 365 and work in the cloud: that way you can use it on FIVE PCs at a time. Sounds good but at the moment I am in an environment where my internet connection is not so hot. When I travel I often lose my connection for extended periods too. Since the software is never installed on my PCs I need to understand how I could cope with that situation.

Microsoft! You are sounding your won death knell with these silly ideas. your customers beat you over XP, they beat you over Vista and current sales to date, they are beating you over Windows 8 and Office 2013 too.

Duncan Williamson

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