Contingency Tables in Excel

If you are analysing data of any kind, sometimes you need to create and analyse contingency tables. For example, in this case, I am comparing the attrition rate in an organisation with marital status and education levels and salaries … attrition v one other variable at a time.

The video I have prepared to help you to create contingency tables in Excel is a little rough and ready but watch it a couple of times and it WILL help you.

I will post something on Chi Squared tests and contingency tables shortly as the two go together. I will conclude by looking at hypothesis testing too … again a bit later.

There is no spoken commentary on the video but call outs and some snazzy music. There is an Excel file to go with it too and that will come at the end of next week … ish.

Al feedback welcome and please enjoy and benefit from this work.

Video here …