When you type something in a cell in Excel then press enter the cursor normally then moves down to the next line or the next column or wherever you have told it to go. If you want it to stay in the cell and move nowhere, press Ctrl+Enter … try it! This is something you didn’t know you needed … until now!

Correlation and Ctrl+Enter

In Excel for Windows we can use the Data Analysis Toolpak to create our correlation matrices and it is relatively easy to do that. On the other hand, if you are using Excel for the Mac things are not so easy because there is not Toolpak at the time of writing.

That means, without the Toolpak we have to create a correlation matrix by hand: time consuming but not difficult.

Watch this video, though, that shows you how to use the Ctrl+Enter key combination to create correlation matrices much faster than one cell at a time:

Download the Excel file too to see my finished result: ctrl_enter_correl_trainer

Duncan Williamson

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