Here is a file I am working on as I try to get manually created slicers to work inside CUBEVALUE()

Here is my message, calling for assistance, to the Excel-G list, which explains what I am trying to do and my file follows that message.

Dear All,

I am finding a problem with Slicers in a CUBEVALUE() formula.

I am using the Data Model/Power Pivot with three tables: customers, orders and payments. There is nothing complicated about the inputs and the Pivot Table I create from them behaves perfectly.

I converted the pivot table, without slicers, to formulas and it behaves very well.

Then I added two Slicers to the pivot table and converted it to formulas again. In this case, it included one of the Slicers in the CUBEVALUE() formula but not the other. Moreover, when I manually changed the CUBEVALUE() formula to include the second Slicer, I get a #VALUE error. I then remove the first Slicer, leaving the second one alone ... same error.

I check the Slicer Settings to get the Slicer name I should use so that is not the problem.

Is it that I am not allowed two or more slicers in my table or is there something else that I need to think about.

Thanks in advance

Download the file and thanks for your help ... 

pivot consolidate_cubes_excel_g


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