Data Analysis Examples


I am spending some time at home now after a few weeks of roaming for work. I decided I wanted to explore the human body so I went in search of data to allow me to do that. I did not find exactly the data I was looking for but I found some interesting things.

Even if the human body is of no particular interest, this page takes you through what I did to the data as I got it. Firstly, four fully worked examples, with discussion in the accompanying Word/PDF file.

  • Brain weight and Head size
  • Height and Shoe Size
  • Hand Length and Foot Length
  • Birth rate and economic performance

In addition there are data series with workings on but without discussion.

  • Bus costs and revenues
  • Hotel energy consumption
  • Airline seat miles
  • Airline deparatures and distances flown
  • Cruise ships: sizes and dates built
  • Samsung TV prices

The Excel file is downloadable in two forms: data only and fully worked.

First Things First

I am using Excel 2016 for all of these examples

Look at the data and decide how best to analyse them: what story do you think they can tell? What is the best way to highlight what they contain? Some of the data are rich and some are not so rich!

Over to you now: download the files you want and work through the fully worked examples. That should then give you confidence to add your own comments and conclusions to the second batch of data that I have analysed but not explained.

Your feedback is welcome as always.

Excel file: data only  data_analysis_data_only

Excel file: fully worked data_analysis_worked_examples

Word/PDF file including discussion and analysis data_analysis_worked_examples


21st April 2017