Dirty Data … Solved

This page has the aim of introducing my latest video. The video discusses what is quite a common problem, that of dirty data. What I have done, however, is to work through the solution to this dirty data problem in a systematic way. Moreover, the data were not so dirty that we need to use Power Query to clean it.

The problem was that I innocently downloaded some data from Chevron’s web site and I eventually found that the balance sheet did noot balance. Following my check list, I found that the problem was that the spreadsheet showed 16.848 in a cell instead of 16,848; and three other, similar errors.

Working through an exercise like this reminded me of the days when I needed to get trial balances to balance. Who knew that so many years later, the skills I picked up them would come back to help me, in a small way to solve a problem like this?

Watch the Video: it’s only about five minutes long.

Download my file: