Here are the opening paragraphs of the PDF file relating to this page that you can download from the link that follows. You can also download the Excel file I have created.


I have played around with the heights and weights of professional footballers for many years and here we are again. This time I managed to get a larger database of players to work from than before: Although I have only analysed the English Premier League (EPL) it is easy to find data on other English leagues and, indeed, from around the world.

In summary, what I wanted to do was to

  • Find some data and clean it as appropriate
  • Create an overview of the data such as all heights v all weights and to create the regression equation
  • Set out descriptive statistics
  • Create some graphs
  • Do all of the above for
    • Individual clubs
    • By players’ nationality
    • By players’ position on the field

I was also interested in sharing my methods since there are some things that people are doing with their analysis and dashboards that are either overdesigned or are more difficult/complex than they ought to be. I use the very effective and efficient DATABASE functions, for example, while others will use INDEX() and MATCH() or similar combinations.

By the way, I don’t really draw any firm conclusions about this topic since I think you should draw your own conclusions and let the data speak to you! Similarly, I end this case by encouraging you to create your own dashboard out of my work and, of course, any additional work you do yourself.

The Data

Using the link I gave in the introduction, I found the data I was looking for although I had to scrape every page to get what I wanted. Still, I did get what I wanted, the heights and weights of 633 EPL players. The database I used contains 1,107 named players but the heights and weights are not collected for everyone for some reason. In the database there is also a section showing some players who are no longer at the club … I found it odd that they would provde these extra few players and ignored them: after all I would be double counting without a doubt in some cases if I did include them.

The analysis concentrates on the 633 players for whom I got full data, therefore.

The following screenshot shows that data I used although you will see in the file that I have also left in the columns containing dates of birth, birth place and previous club. In this version of this case, I have not done anything with dates of birth/ages: feel free to work on this by yourself!

Download the full text in this PDF file: premier_league_analysis

Download the Excel file here: premier_league_analysis


Duncan Williamson

29th December 2016

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