This page is the portal to the section of pages detailing how to do specific things. Rather than just a tip or an insight, the pages in this section will take you step by step through a technique or process or even utility.

For example,

  • how to prepare a Pyramid Style chart takes a bit of time to complete
  • how to use the various Excel functions relating to interest: rates, present values, future values, payments to make …

As I write this I am expecting to marry this blog with my web site The reason for this is that I used DreamWeaver and some WebAssist utilities to use design and compile that site but simply do not want to pay the GBP400++ for an UPGRADE, just an upgrade, to DW. Secondly, I want a CMS built and maintained site and WordPress seems to be the solution for me.

Forgive me but I might change my mind on the layout etc of this system. One this is certain, however, is that this site will live on with the contents and quality for which it is already famous!

All comments and suggestions are welcome: just keep them constructive even if you don’t like something or din’t agree with something. Be polite too.

Enjoy your visit here.

Duncan Williamson


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