Excel Paste Special Shortcut

One of the actions that people mostly perform in Excel is copying and pasting data.

In every Excel Paste Special Shortcut, here is more than just using the Control + C and Control + V in copy and pasting information.

Our tutorial will inform you about the best features of Excel Past, including the useful Special Shortcuts for Excel Paste.

What is Excel Paste Special Shortcut?

What could happen whenever you copy an excel cell and have it pasted in another cell? 

It will not just copy the cell’s content but also its format like the borders, background color, and font color, just as what is shown here:

However, what if you only want to copy the cell’s contents and not including the formatting?

Or what if you only want to copy the formula or the formatting and not the values in it?

Well, it’s impossible to do this with just a simple copy-paste.

However, you can use the Special functionality of Excel Paste.

How Can You Access the Special Options in Excel Paste?

If you want to access the Special Features of Excel Paste, there are several ways you can do this.

The first thing you need to do is to copy the cells you want to paste.

After copying it, there are three ways you can access Excel’s paste special:

  • Use the Keyboard Shortcut: You can use the special shortcut in Excel Paste: Alt + E + S + V.

  • Right-click on the Menu: Press Right Click on the cell you want to paste it to and then choose to paste special.

  • Use the Ribbon: Go to Home –> Select Clipboard –> Click on Paste –> Choose Paste Special. Doing this will open up the Special Dialogue box of Excel Paste.

All of these options will allow the Paste Special dialogue box to open as shown here:

Understand the Special Dialogue Box of Excel Paste 

Seeing many options for using Excel to copy and paste data can be pretty overwhelming for anyone.

However, once you go through everything, you will eventually notice that all of these available options are sensible.

Once you have an excellent grip on the Excel Paste Special options, you will save so much money and time!

Here is additional information on these options:

In the Paste Special Dialogue Box, Paste Options:

You can selectively paste with these options.

For example, you can only choose to paste comments, formats, values, formulas, etc.

Use these by simply copying the cells.

Go to the cell where you want to paste it, open the special paste dialogue box, and choose your desire.

For example, pretend that you have a data set wherein the data is formatted with fill colors and borders.

If you just want to copy the values, have the data copied and go to the cell where you want to copy it.

Then, open Excel’s Paste Special dialog box and choose Values. It will only have the data copied that does not include the formatting.

Check out the Paste Special Dialogue Box’s Operation Options:

Options in Operations can allow you to perform the given operations quickly without directly changing the cell’s contents or applying a formula.

For example, pretend that some of the numbers are in millions, and you want to convert them into billions.

One way you can do this is to make a formula that would allow you to divide by 1000.

Here is the better way to do this:

  • Go to an empty cell, enter the number 1000.
  • Choose this cell and then copy it (Control + C).
  • Convert the cells from million to billion.
  • Open the Dialogue box Paste Special and then choose the option Divide.

And you’re done! It will allow the numbers to convert into billions.

In the same way, you can also have other operations like Subtract, Multiply with Paste Special, or Add used.

Additional Options in Excel Paste Special

Aside from the option Paste and Operation, there are two added options in Excel’s Paste Special dialogue box.

  • Skip Blanks: With this, you can skip copying and pasting blanks. You can practically use this whenever your data is split into two columns that you want to combine it in one column like what is shown here:

  • Transpose: The name suggests that once you check this, it will transpose the information when it gets pasted.

Special Shortcuts in Excel Paste 

If you start using Excel Paste Special when you copy and paste data in Excel, knowing a couple of keyboard shortcuts will save you a lot of time.

Here is the list of the shortcuts

  1. Press Alt+E+S+V + Enter to only Paste Values.
  2. Click on Alt+E+S+T + Enter to only Paste formatting.
  3. Press Alt+E+S+C + Enter to only Paste Comments.
  4. Tap on Alt+E+S+W + Enter to only Past Values and set the column width to be the same as the copied cells.
  5. Press Alt+E+S+*+E+ Enter to copy but in a manner that is transposed and only Paste Values. You can have the transpose option checked when you strike the extra ‘E’ at the end. With the *, it will indicate that you can only have it used with any of the previously mentioned shortcuts. For example, if you want to copy values in a transposed manner, use Alt ESVE + Enter.

We hope that this information on the special shortcuts of Excel Paste has been helpful for you.

Even if you could not remember everything, it would be best to consciously use them several times so you will become knowledgeable about it.

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