Dear Sir.

I faced a problem with using the pivot table.
We prepare the pivot table from selected data, after that we add some new information in the origin data. The question is here when the new information is added to the original data, how and what way the new information automatically added to the pivot table?

thank you Sir

sincerely yours



if you make sure your ORIGINAL table is a proper Excel 2007 table and not just a range, it will solve your problem automatically and expand
the range in the pivot table as you add data.

To create an Excel 2007 table put your cursor in your table of table of data … anywhere

On the home tab find the styles section and click on the Format as Table icon

It will then show you a series of designs for you to choose from

NOW set up your pivot table from this Excel 2007 table and it will update automatically


To solve your existing problem though

Go to your pivot table now

Click on the pivot table and in the Pivot Table Tools Options tab you should see the Change Source Data icon … click that icon and it will
take you right back to your table of data and you can make the changes you need.

I hope that helps Mohammad

Best wishes


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