Pivot Tables: there’s more!

Many people know about Pivot Tables now and they know how powerful they can be. In my up and coming book, however, I do point out one or two of the limitations of the Pivot Table when trying to set up a calculated field. Calculated fields can cause problems when there is duplication of data. Don’t worry, even though you will find it difficult to find the solution to this problem in books and on the web, my book’s got it!

On a happier note, there is a lot more to the Pivot Table than meets the eye. Did you know you can get a Pivot Table automatically to set up a running total column for you. You can also get a Pivot Table to do these for you automatically too:

  • % of column
  • %of row
  • difference from
  • % of difference from
  • and a few more

In the next day or two you will find a brief review of how to do this in Excel 2007 on my book’s sister web site, https://www.excelmaster.co.uk. That site is growing, getting busier, getting smarter … waiting for you!

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