We all learn a lot about Excel very quickly when we first start to learn it. Some keep on learning and become experts. I learned a lot when it was my job to design and implement product cost systems in Excel.

However, every now and again, even the best of us suddenly see something in Excel and say, when did they put that there? Only to find it’s been there for years but they never noticed it! Here’s something like that that I came across recently.

Just open up any spreadsheet or even a new one. It’s best if you open a file that has typing, some numbers and some formulas in it.

Now, on the Home tab click on the arrow on the right of Find & Select in the Editing Section and look at it … look carefully. What do you see

Replace … anything else?

Go to …
Go to Special … anything else?

Are you surprised to find another SEVEN items to select from?

  • Formulas
  • Comments
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Constants
  • Data Validation
  • Select Objects
  • Selection Pane

Just click on any of them to see what they do. I have created a video to help you too:

You can have the Excel file that contains the RAW data together with a PDF file that explains what else you should do to turn the raw data into the finished version you see in the video.

Excel file: IDD_vlookup_delegates
PDF file: IDD_vlookup_case

Duncan Williamson

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