I have created two videos that illustrate how to turn dirty data into a dashboard.

Video 1 is based on an example I saw in a video by BeExcelEnce, this is a video that shows how to create a basic dashboard from data that are badly formatted. By using Flash Fill in Excel and Quick Analysis, also in Excel, we can do everything we see here in seven minutes or less! Watch out for video two in this series of two videos in which we use the same raw data, add to it; and use Flash Fill and other techniques in Power Query to create our dashboard: this is a more advanced example.

Video 2 is a more advanced view of the work of video 1. This is the second in a short series of two videos. In video one, we worked on Flash Fill and Quick Analysis in Excel. In this video, we are showing how to achieve the same results but by using Flash Fill in Power Query.


Video 1 

Video 2


Duncan Williamson

14th July 2019


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