I had an idea last night as my sister in law was flying from Bangkok to Dubai. Why not track that flight online? Then I thought: wait a minute, since I can track the flight, I can get Excel to create a Web Query to track it for me. Then I also thought it would be even better to get Power BI to track it using its Query Editor and plot the data on a map.

That is what I did:

The plane landed 24 hours ago but the data are still on the tracking website so my Query still works.

This s Power BI not Excel but I cannot attach my pbix file for Word Press security reasons. However, ask me in the comments area, giving me your email address and I will send it to you. You will see another few visualisations that I prepared in that file

Power BI for the Desktop is magnificent and whilst I do not use it to its full extent, I don’t think many people have used it for tracking a flight like I just did.

Download the file ask me!

Duncan Williamson

24th August 2018


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