From the Book: Who is This Book For?

The Excel Project: Excel for Accountants, Business People … from the Beginning

Who is This Book For?

The title of the book says that it is aimed at accountants and business people. Of course, there are many types of accountant and there are thousands of titles we could give to the phrase business people.

In essence, by accountant I mean anyone who gathers, records and analyses accounting and financial information. This information might be very simple, such as petty cash for a one man business. It might be very complex, such as the payroll of a multi national corporation. I hope you will see in the examples that I have devised and chosen for this book that Excel spreadsheets can help the micro sized business and even the multi national business with some or many aspects of its accounting work. Adding, subtracting … basic and more advanced statistics … organising and presenting information for reporting with pivot tables and slicers … ratio analysis enhanced with sparklines and pivot tables … very simple ledger systems and cash books … there is a LOT for the accountant to consider in this book.

Business people often think that the analysis and presentation is not for them: wrong! By following or even just dipping into this book, the business person can make a great deal out of their data, turning it into information. Basic statistics, charting, pivot tables, pivot table slicers, reporting … Business people usually rely on their accountant and financial people to prepare their reports and analyses for them … why? Excel can liberate you. In fact, some of the major advances in some aspects of accounting have come from non accountants. It’s true: activity based costing is an excellent example of that. Read this book and work through the examples carefully and you will suddenly come to appreciate that YOU can control what happens to you rather than waiting for someone else to tell you what they think about you.

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