Tenure of English Football Team Managers

Unusually for me, this page comes as a PDF and an Excel file: the PDF is purely for speed since I am going out now now! Here is the introduction to this file:

I hardly use the Get External Data function in Excel for some reason but today I wanted to explore some data and thought, just in case it’s messy, I’ll use it. I read an article on the BBC web site about English football club managers: it shows when each manager was appointed, which club, their name and their predecessor.

I thought: that’s interesting for a bit of data analysis and thought about how many days they had been in office, whether there was a difference in tenure between the Premier League and the Championship and so on. I could draw a histogram, set up a Pivot Table.

So, here we are!

Get External Data

The PDF file you want is here … get_external_data

The Excel file you want for this is here .. football_managers_england.


Duncan Williamson

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