I am showing the answer to a question that came to me from http://www.quora.com and the full question is:

How do I make a pie or similar chart in Excel so that the expenses will be sorted? I have made an Excel sheet noting my expenses. like how much on transportation, how much on food etc in pie chart.

There are other answers on quora that you might like to see too.

I have interpreted your question literally and this is what to do.

create your table of data

create a basic pie chart from the data and format it in any way you wish

now sort the values column from smallest to largest or largest to smallest as you wish

That will give you a sorted Pie chart

See the screenshots below and don’t worry that the numbers are different, they are taken from different periods

Unsorted Pie

Sorted Pie

How difficult is that and in line with the question, this technique works for other graphs apart from pie charts.

Download the Excel file here sorted_pie


Duncan Williamson

18th September 2017


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