On the BBC Facebook page the other day there was a story about a woman in New Zealand who took a book out of her local library and didn’t return it … well, she did, eventually. The book was due to be returned on 17th December 1948 and she returned it this year 2016!!

The fine for not returning a book was 3 pence for the first week and a penny a day after that. I felt the need to set up a spreadsheet  You can download my file to see what I did but here is the summary:

Summary Fine Present Value
Total pence    17,552        146,418.45
Total £ £ 73
shillngs              2
pence              8
£ decimal      73.13                 610.08

We are dealing here with OLD pennies and pounds: 240 pennies to the Pound and so on. In my work I assumed there would be no fines for Saturday and Sunday … if there are my figures need to be updated for that!

I assumed 5% interest rates on average … and so on

Download the file here … library_fine

Duncan Williamson

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