One File Two Videos


I tried to follow someone’s expanation of how to download data from a web page and then analyse it at a very simple level in a Pivot Table. Immediately, I hit a barrier when the links shown in the video would not work because they are at least five years old, the web site being used has been radically redesigned and the video I was watching did not update the links.

I Got the Data Anyway

I rooted around, anyway and got the data and not only did I create a simple Pivot Table, several Pivot Tables; but I created a couple of videos, which I created for two reasons:

  • the message in the data is clear: the World Health Organisation (WHO) and others have done some fantastic work with getting people world wide vaccinated against Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (DTP3).
  • the data cover many countries and the years 1980 – 2017 and that is a lot to take in

The Analysis

Download my Excel file, link below, to see

  • the Pivot table to analyse the data by region, Line Graph, two Slicers, Histogram, Box & Whisker plot and how I used the camera tool, all on the data_text tab; and
  • on the data_text (2) tab, you will see a Histogram that sumarises country data, uses one Slicer, adds some Descriptive Statistics including a test for positive skewness and it does all of this by using an Excel feature that indirectly allows us to create a Histogram from a Pivot Table when that is normally impossible

The videos are both shown below, too


I assume in this file that you are comfortable with carrying out such analysis as you see in my Excel file but there is some guidance in the videos if you are a bit rusty or you have never seen some of the things I have done.

Finally, you will see the positive work that the WHO and the medical world has been doing since at least 1980 in the area of DTP3.

By the way, as you try to rework my file and my graphs, do notice how I made sure the vertical and horizontal axes in both presentations remain static: that did not happen by chance! Although I should say, the vertical axis in the histogram on data_text (2) is not static in the video, it is static in the file you download from below.

20th March 2019


Excel file … who_dtp3