Panel Charts

As you know or can find out, I have been using graphs controlled by spinners and combo boxes for ages and I like using those features. For example, I use such charts for scenario building and exploration and they give fantastic results.

Last week I came across DougH’s youtube page and in his own video on panel charts he demonstrated how to create them. Here is a screenshot of what panel charts look like in my own version of panel charts (see below for download link):

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 08.48.28 Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 08.48.16

There are eight graphs in each panel as you can see. In the first panel, all charts relate to 2012. By clicking the spinner control in the top left of the panel, I now show the same eight graphs but for 2011 this time. Click again and we get 2010 and so on.

Normally I have just controlled one graph at a time in this way so it was refreshing to see DougH’s demonstration.

You can download my panel charts Excel file from here panel_charts_excelmaster_version but please note, this is my delegates’ version: that is, it is really unfinished and you have to learn and understand what I did and how I did it, rearrange things for communication, decide whether to delete the original data, split things between two or more worksheets …