Here are the opening paragraphs of the full PDF version of this page that shows you have to link the slice of a pie chart by hyperlink to a column chart. It’s a very neat trick and I thank Phonlathep Tangsukkasemsan for asking me about this as well as giving me an improved answer.


As sometimes happens in my courses, a delegate asks me a question that I have never thought of before or they ask me something I might never have done before. This happened a few weeks ago when Phonlathep Tangsukkasemsan asked me if I knew how to create a pie chart that I could click on to show the data from one slice of the pie as a separate colun chart. I said I have never done that but I will look at it.

My Attempt

I researched this topic overnight and came across some deep and detailed discussions on chart events … they went on and on and didn’t seem to me to be what Phonlathep was looking for. I thought about it and came up with this:


Download the PDF file pie_to_column

Download the Excel file pie_to_column


Duncan Williamson

30th December 2016

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