Pivot Charts from Power Pivot even Without Pivot Tables


In the past when we came to create pivot tables and pivot charts we went through the process of getting the data, creating a table, asking Excel to create the pivot table, setting up the table and then generating pivot charts.

With Power Pivot we can now upload some data and whilst still in power pivot, ask Excel to create some pivot charts even before we have created a pivot table. This article explains how that is possible,

For this exercise I have used the AdventureWorks Access Database and from there I have opened five tables in Power Pivot:

  • Calendar
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Territory … these are four lookup tables
  • Sales … this is the fact table

I created the appropriate relationships between these tables so that there will be no problems when creating the pivot charts and pivot tables.

My Power Pivot screen looks like this, with all five Access tables loaded:

Download the full article in PDF format and please note it is not possible to share my Excel file with you on this occasion.

PDF file here: power_pivot_tabes_charts

Duncan Williamson

6th April, 2017


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