Delegate F shared a problem she has been having with her pivot tables when she sorts them to show the Top 10 items. The video you can watch here shows how to create a top 10 view of a pivot table and then it shows how to recreate F’s problem as well as making sure nothing goes wrong.

Top 10 View of a Basic Pivot Table

The video illustrates an ordinary pivot table together with a pivot chart and I have added three slicers too, to replicate the problem F faced.

In summary, when F finished her pivot table and sorted it to show the top 10, she then wanted to filter it using her slicer(s). You can do this but what you cannot do and keep the top 10 in place at the same time is to filter, for example, employee numbers using your slicer when your top 10 items are based on employee numbers. That is, if you filter you top 10 with variable A you will lose that top 10 if you then click on a slicer that is based on variable A.

Watch the video as many times as you need to understand what is happening here.

There is no Excel file to download: create your own pivot table with slicers to copy what I show in the video.

Video: with apologies for the poor sound quality!

Duncan Williamson

28th February 2018

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