The attached PDF and Excel files provide you with a fully worked example of how to use the merge feature of Power Query. My answer is based on Sagar Malik’s answer although we have used different versions of Excel.

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How Can I Merge Two Spreadsheet Documents?

Question from Quora

I have two spreadsheet documents. Suppose each is a list of books, one has author, subject and title. The other has publisher and year of publication. Each has a column for ISBN. Most books are in both of the documents, but some are only in one, or the other. How do I merge the two sheets?

Answer by Sagar Malik (this link will take you to Sagar’s profile on Quora)

You can use Power Query and do an outer join with both the sheets. That’s the [immediate] solution [and it] will give you the long term solution as you can keep on updating individual lists and resultant list will be generated by a quick refresh.

Here is the approach

Note: I have used my own listing of books and my own Excel file but there is nothing wrong with Sagar’s work: moreover, Sagar discusses a feature that I have not used. I am using Excel 2016

Final table:


Download the power_query_merge_example PDF file

Download the power_query_merge_example Excel file


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