PPT Presentations

I am always conscious that there are people who either know nothing about Excel Spreadsheeting or who feel the need to think systematically about them.

Yesterday I had an email from a visitor to my www.duncanwil.co.uk web site who had visited my spreadsheet page and said he couldn’t open the two PowerPoint Presentations there on Spreadsheets for Beginners and my Introduction to Pivot Tables: I solved that problem: they will only open and run in the Internet Explorer browser …

The other problem was that these presentations were 11 years old … way out of date. So I spent part of yesterday updating and uploading the revised presentations. Here are screenshots from those two presentations: the links to them are at the end of this post.

Spreadsheets for Beginners:

Introduction to Pivot Tables … this is from the VERY Beginning:

To see the presentations in their entirety, use Internet Explorer, go to this page, then select the option you want from the PowerPoint Presentation entry in the menu.

However, if you are happy to download the PDF version of these presentations, you can do so by using your Chrome, Safari or other browser and follow the above links and choose the PDF option.

All feedback more than welcome.