I think everyone knows that Excel’s Histograms are nothing like true Histograms. From time to time I have tried to find someone on the web who can demonstrate what to do to Excel to help us to produce a proper histogram. Pure laziness on my part!

I always drew a short straw until I had a brainwave … JON PELTIER. Jon Peltier is a Graph/Chart genius. Once I’d thought about it, I went to his blog and found he’d cracked the case a long time ago.

Jon’s histogram page is here: peltiertech.com/WordPress/histogram-using-excel-xy-charts/

I will not replicate Jon’s efforts here but later I will add a histogram I have prepared using his guidance and add my own Excel file for you to download … very slow connection at the moment! Still slow … next week will see me on a quicker and more reliable connection.

Duncan Williamson

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