Have you ever tried to complete a Rubik Cube? Have you ever done it?

A while ago I started to look at world record attempts at completing Rubik Cubes and I was astonished to see people doing what they did: the speeds they work at!

I cannot complete any Rubik Cube but I can use Excel to record the world record times, create a graph and then use Trendlines to find the most appropriate function to help me to predict what the new world record times might be for an 8 x 8 cube, a 9 x 9 cube …

  • I recorded the times I found on the internet
  • From there I created a graph
  • I used Trendline to find the most appropriate function, the best fit function. I started with Linear … and ended up with a Power function as being the best (highest R2 value)

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 08.38.22

Then I used the Power function to make predictions that I then put into the table and called SecPred: seconds predicted!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 08.38.07

Let me know if you complete these larger cubes and let me know how accurate my Power function is.

I should make it clear that the Seconds column shows ACTUAL world record times so I am waiting for the results of an 8 x 8 cube … but my predictions are there!

Duncan Williamson

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