Yet again, let me admit that I am a learning lad: always willing to learn something new! Today I came across the use of the Shift F9 combination to make copying and pasting a little bit easier. I will walk you through the process.

Imagine I am setting up a Production of Sales Budget or schedule and I want to copy it somewhere … for demonstration I am copying the schedule and pasting it immediately below!

In cell A11 enter =A5 and drag that down to A15.


Highlight the range A11:A15 press <Ctrl>+C



Select the range A11:M15 and press Enter



Now press <Shift>+F9



Now use the format painter to format you new output:




Ta daa!

This is a small example and to some extent not worth learning! Think bigger and this method could save you a lot of time

Duncan Williamson


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