I don’t know why but I am drawn to sparklines as a communications tool. I have known for a long time that we can combine a sparkline with text, for example, so that we can show a line or a column sparkline or win/loss sparkline together with words in the same cell. I just thought that maybe we can include a formula in a sparkline cell too … and you can, like this:


In the Whiting Petroleum sparkline cell is this formula:

=TEXT(B61,”$0,000″)&”: D/D+E “&TEXT((B61/B75),”0.00%”)

I just needed to change the font to 9 point rather than anything bigger and I stretched the column size a little bit but I think that works!

I will play around with formatting a bit more but that is a really interesting find that I have not seen anywhere else. That’s not to say no one else has done it, but I haven’t seen it!

No file here, just try it!

Duncan Williamson




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