Stem and Leaf Diagrams

I don’t know anyone who uses stem and leaf diagrams or stem and leaf plots but they appear all over the place in statistics books and web sites. Today I read on twitter about stem and leaf diagrams and they said how difficult is to program them.

Now, I am not the world’s most astute Excel programmer but I had a go, with some success I have to say. Nevertheless, they are not easy to do in the sense that we cannot just drop the data onto a work sheet and expect a stem and leaf diagram to appear .

This is what I got:

A basic set of numbers to show quiz results for some students: a screenshot of the diagram on a web site on the right and my effort on the left of it.


The number of press ups (push ups) done by competitors in a press ups competition!


Now some data where there can be two results of any value: eg, 82 82 and 91 91 …


this diagram is based on specific data, so I have organised the numbers and then created the diagram


Finally, some data where there can be three results of any value


All of this uses some not very clever IF statements!

Looks fine though!