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05 11 2019

I write answers on various Excel topics at http://www.quora.com and this page provides links to some of my answers. They are not normally massively complex questions but I answer the ones that I think might be interesting to my visitors and readers. The pages are probably in reverse order: lastest pages first; but that should not matter!

How can one have two things on the same axis in Excel?

This page is on my facebook page and not Quora! The page shows a Power BI image of the flight path of LY1747 of El Al … it is unusual, to say the least. https://www.facebook.com/william.williamson.144/videos/1600460606762146/

What are some real life examples and applications of multiple regression?

How do you show a subtotal at the bottom of a pivot table without showing the title at the top in Excel?

Which duplicate does Excel remove?

How do you use an exponential equation you get from Excel? I know how to make Excel show me the equation, but how do I “copy” it or use it?

How do I paste a chart from one Excel to a blank Excel?

What are the most unused excel formulas?

What are some typical statistics and plotting made on datasets with 2 columns of numerical values and one column of categorical values?

In MS Excel, I have a large column of times (in seconds and minutes) when events occurred. Is there a way to automatically segment this data to make a frequency distribution table of say 0-5 minutes had 3 events, 5-10 minutes had 0 events, etc.?

Journalizing records data chronologically in accounting. What is the explanation of it?

What is exponential smoothing in Excel?

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