I wonder if this is a feature, a bug or a coincidence within 24 hours of uploading this post it happened again … see below8w.

Last week I was working on a file in Excel and one aspect the work was to use the COUNTIFS () function. I know this function and have used and demonstrated it many times. Would it work? Yes it did and then it point blank refused.

Yesterday a friend asked me about setting up hyperlinks in an Excel file and then saving that file as a Web Page before uploading it on to an intranet. I set to work and created two basic hyperlinks, saved as Web Page … one link worked and one didn’t. I corrected the error, saved the file again. Did the correction work? Not at all. I went back and checked my work but still it didn’t work.

Is there a theme here? Yes!

In both cases, when I deleted the error completely and started again from scratch I got rid of the errors, no amount of editing in these cases looked as if it would work.


This morning I was working through some lookup examples that included a complex formula that included INDEX, ROW and should have been array entered. I copied and pasted an example formula that I knew would not work. Then I edited the formula but just could not make it work. So I started again I a new cell and bingo, it worked.

If something you KNOW is correct is not working: delete, start again.

Let me know if this worked for you too.

Duncan Williamson

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