Did you know that Excel talks and listens? You didn’t? Then try these:


Right click on the down arrow to the right of your QAT (Quick Access Toolbar)

Click More Commands

Select All Commands from the Choose commands from drop down box

The choose and Add the Speak commands

Cells … there are two of them, including Stop Speaking

Cells by column

Cells by row

When you have added everything you need click OK and they will now appear in your QAT

Select a few rows and two or three columns of text and

then click on Speak Cells by Columns or Speak Cells by Rows

now click on Speak cells … sit back and listen!

Press the Esc button or Speak Cells Stop Speaking Cells button



Add the Speak Cells on Enter button to your QAT if you didn’t spot it already and then click on it to use it

Now, when you enter text or values or a formula, it will read it back to you.

If you have already entered something, you opened an already complete file, select a cell, press F2 then Enter and it will read what it finds in there.


Duncan Williamson

1st June 2018


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