There are two lengthy videos to accompany this page and the aim of the first video is to show you not only how to set up a Power Query la la la but to demonstrate in detail how to use VLOOKUP in Power Query without having to program =VLOOKUP() in the file; and the aim of the second video is to show you how to do the same in Power Pivot: you will probably find this second video a little easier to follow!

Essentially, what you are really learning to do is to program in VBA without knowing a single element of VBA. Excel is getting more than magical

Please give the videos the time they deserve and do notice, you have to go and grab the data yourself as I cannot provide that for you.

If you like aeroplanes and all things aerial, you will probably be fascinated by the data I have used!

Best wishes and do let me know of any problems.

The Power Query Video …

The Power Pivot Video …

Duncan Williamson

5th May 2019


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