I don’t analyse share prices very often but I am preparing some new materials on finance for the on financial manager and I wanted to prepare a graph showing historical share prices together with volumes of shares traded. Tricky, I thought! Well, I did it in a cheating way: I prepared an Open High Low Close Graph or Candlestick Graph and created a separate column chart for the volumes then I combined them to look as if they were the same graph: as we do with panel charts.

Just now I was playing with my data hoping to be able to combine all data points, volumes included. Then I selected my data again and

  • Insert
  • Charts
  • Inset Combo Chart
  • Stock
  • and there it was … the final option on the right: Volume Open High Low Close … already done!

Here it is, with some formatting by me!


Am I happy with that? Yes and no! I want the volume columns to be a lot shorter … otherwise it does what I wanted. My workaround for this is to increase the maximum value of the left vertical, volume, axis: I have not done this in the spreadsheet file you can download below but it is a simple thing to do and it looks better with the volume columns a lot smaller than you can see here.

My spreadsheet is here and these are the share prices for amazon.com amzn_vol_candlestick

Duncan Williamson

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