I have modestly called myself EXCELMASTER for the purposes of my web site that is dedicated to Exel spreadsheeting. I am NOT the world’s foremost authority on Excel but I marry two particular features that not everyone can do, no matter how skilled they are in terms of their Excel spreadsheeting

  • I know Excel well
  • I know management and financial accounting well
  • I know a lot of basic statistics
  • I am prepared to work hard at problems until I find a solution
  • I am an excellent communicator and teach, train, write about and present my subject

My career started in 1974 when I graduated and became a cost accountant. It had always been an ambition of mine to become a teacher and in 1979 – 1980 I retrained as a teacher. I have worked in and around education and training ever since.

However, over the last 32 years I have been a teacher of repute, a project manager, an author of books and articles, a web master, an inveterate traveller … I do lots and lots of different things. You can do a web search for me and see the many things that the world knows about me!

Duncan Williamson

5 Responses to “About Duncan Williamson … ExcelMaster”

  1. Beata Says:

    Very pleased to have discovered your website….Thank you!

  2. Hey Duncan, how are you?
    I’ve just purchased at Amazon.com your book “The Excel Project: Excel for accountants…”, but I couldn’t find this link “www.duncanwil.co.uk/excel_book/files”.
    Could you help me, please?

  3. Thanks again and my apologies for being late in replying. I know Word Press is free but their method of telling me about comments and messages is not the best.

    Anyway, the files you want are here: http://www.duncanwil.co.uk/files.html

    Let me know of any problems and I will solve what I can!

    Best wishes


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