I have modestly called myself EXCELMASTER for the purposes of my web site that is dedicated to Exel spreadsheeting. I am NOT the world’s foremost authority on Excel but I marry two particular features that not everyone can do, no matter how skilled they are in terms of their Excel spreadsheeting

  • I know Excel well
  • I know management and financial accounting well
  • I know a lot of basic statistics
  • I am prepared to work hard at problems until I find a solution
  • I am an excellent communicator and teach, train, write about and present my subject

My career started in 1974 when I graduated and became a cost accountant. It had always been an ambition of mine to become a teacher and in 1979 – 1980 I retrained as a teacher. I have worked in and around education and training ever since.

However, over the last 32 years I have been a teacher of repute, a project manager, an author of books and articles, a web master, an inveterate traveller … I do lots and lots of different things. You can do a web search for me and see the many things that the world knows about me!

Duncan Williamson

11 Responses to “About Duncan Williamson … ExcelMaster”

  1. Beata Says:

    Very pleased to have discovered your website….Thank you!

  2. Hey Duncan, how are you?
    I’ve just purchased at Amazon.com your book “The Excel Project: Excel for accountants…”, but I couldn’t find this link “www.duncanwil.co.uk/excel_book/files”.
    Could you help me, please?

  3. Thanks again and my apologies for being late in replying. I know Word Press is free but their method of telling me about comments and messages is not the best.

    Anyway, the files you want are here: http://www.duncanwil.co.uk/files.html

    Let me know of any problems and I will solve what I can!

    Best wishes


  4. Yaniv Shvinkelstein Says:


    not sure this is the right place to ask this question but i can’t find a place in this blog where you can ask open ones.

    I’m looking for a software to replace Spreadsheet Studio (http://www.spreadsheetstudio.org/) navigation tool as it is not supporting the new MS – Excel versions (2013, 2016).

    Any ideas?


    • Sorry Yaniv, there is no button here for a general forum.

      I don’t know spreadsheet studio but Power BI might be something you could try. Just go to google and search for Power BI and you will find it. It’s from Microsoft and it’s free and it’s pretty good. It will work with Excel files as well as files from many other sources. Please note, Power BI for the desktop is not a replacement for Excel as it is not spreadsheet software.

      I am sure you will find Power BI pretty powerful easy to learn too.


  5. Tassilo Says:

    Hi Duncan,
    I really liked your easy-to-follow approach you took to explain creating an empty chart on quora and found your website this way.
    A friend of mine and I are currently working on a website that aims to make it easier for beginners to navigate content on new topics (we call them islands ;)).
    As you seem xavy with Excel, I would love to get your feedback on what we are working on & if you have the time, talk to you.
    How can I reach you, e.g. via email?
    Best regards,

  6. Natalie Shenoy Says:

    Hi Duncan,

    I was looking at your website as I need to insert a formula and sparkline into one cell. The above explanation makes it difficult to follow the formula without a file. Do you have a step by step guide on how to do this?


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